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What is “Persona Marketing”?

Persona is “ Fictitious Customer Story” get from research data.

If you set your target customer only numeric information like “ Male  ** to *** years old” , can you get enough idea about your target customer?
Answer is no, because this kind of data is too fragmentary to get real consumer image.
But if you can add more humane information into the numeric information?
Yes you can get more real idea about your target customer.
This is “Persona”.

The purpose of making persona, is to grasp with more precision the real target image from quantitative & qualitative method.

What is difference between “persona” and “Target Image”

Maybe you already have target consumer image. But did it get from the fact?
Does it have a evidence?
Persona is made by fact what you get from several method ( it include quantitative/ qualitative information).

Trouble Things are...

What is the merit?

You can understand your target customer more deeply.

By personifying the target, you will be interested in and empathize with "persona" of related members of the project, and empathize
By closely following the customer, a new beard will be born
By narrowing the selection range, you can see what you do not need
Evaluation criteria are clearly stated and consistency to product & service development can be maintained
The "rise" in the past becomes clearer to the fact that he / she got lost in strategy / tactic decision

Common understanding the customer image with project member

A common recognition called "persona" is born with members involved in the development and promotion project of the same product, so it becomes easier to cooperate between departments
Because we can have the image of the unified customer among the company, the marketing measures will not be affected
Accuracy of management of all points of contact with customers (customer touch points) rises

Our Persona service

Develop Persona – Full Service –

Develop persona by scratch.
If you don’t have any idea about your persona, we can make it from scratch.

Quantitative/Qualitative Research

Out put
  1. Persona Sheet
  2. Customer Journey map
  3. Report * Option

Develop Persona – Light Service –

Brash up your persona.
If you have basic idea about the persona, we can support to brash up your persona.

Quantitative or Qualitative Research

Out put
  1. Brash up your persona or Customer journey map
  2. Report * Option

Out put

Persona Example


  • - Demographic data
  • - Personal information
  • - Life Style
  • - Values
  • - Goal
  • - Expectation
  • - And more

*This is the summarized information that we get from user research.

Customer Journey Example


  • - Purchase behavior of persona.
  • - Change of consciousness for each stage.
  • - Scenario processing
  • - Values
  • - Goal
  • - Expectation
  • - And more

*This is scenario about persona’s purchase behavior.
It also makes clear persona’s touch point.

This insight information get from qualitative research.

Development Process

1-2 weeks

Kick off /Briefing / Consulting

1-2 weeks

Devise Persona Frame Work

Demographic information that we you want to get also need to consider
Here is a quick overview of what is included in a general template (details may vary depending upon marketing or advertisement objectives in individual business cases). It’s really important to use reliable and robust source data to support your reasoning, in addition to your own experience and ‘gut’ feeling:

  • 1. Name the person
  • 2. A description of Job title
    • • Key information about their job or workplace (size, type, etc.)
    • • Key details about their job role and position.
  • 3. Demographic Details
    • • Age
    • • Gender
    • • Subject Salary and household income
    • • Demographic background e.g. urban, suburban or rural
    • • Educational status
    • • Family details
  • 4. Goals and challenges
    • • Primary goal in life
    • • Secondary goal which interests the persona individual
    • • How you help achieve these goals
    • • Primary challenges in life
    • • Secondary challenges in life
    • • How can you help to provide solutions of these problems?
  • 5. Values / fears that drive or hamper
    • • Primary values which matter
    • • Common objections which one has during the sales process

1-3 weeks

Collect Information & Grasp important information

Qualitative Research

  • - Focus Group Discussion
  • - In Depth interview
  • - Home Visit
  • - Esnography

Quantitative Research

  • - Online Research
  • - Face To Face Interview
  • - CLT

Internal Data

  • - Internal Data
  • - Cosumer Data
  • - Desk Research

1-3 weeks

Data Combine & Create Out put

1 week

*If needed


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  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Jakarta +62(21)5095-8311
  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Hochiminh +84(8)3848-3731