Desk Research

Desk research (secondary research) is collecting market intelligence or data that already exists. It provide clients with useful information from many sources. The right information is difficult to find and may take abundance of time, but Yimresearch will help you to collect market intelligence and data quickly and accurately. The results help you to deliver concise decisions, taking into consideration the background.

When entering a market, do you face these obtacles:
- want to know where to focus on your research study?
- need benchmarks to test hypotheses ?
- wish to have general knowledge of the market?

Our Desk Reseaech Service

Desk research is a quick, cheap and effective way to collect basic information, which can serve many purposes such as a study starting point or benchmarks for the research process that comes later.

Company point of view 4P
Promotion Product Place (Distributor, logistic) Pricing
Competitor CSR Leader Product Shopping mall Penetration Pricing
Advertising Challenger Product Super Market Competition Pricing
SNS Follower Product Mini Market Bundle Pricing
Event Campaign Niche Product Local agent Skimming Pricing
Customer side perspective Communication Customer Value Convenience Cost

Macromill South East Asia has the expertise in Desk Research study. In order to find important information from websites and digital media such as SNS, BLOG, FORUM, etc., we have also developed specialized tools liked Social Analytic System namedly "Buzzics".

※ If you need detailed analysis of current customer base, potential customers, market trends, brand recognition rate, and brand positioning, we are able to run investigation in depth.

Web Search

Collecting data and relevant information from the internet. First approach, browsing directories or company webiste. Second approach, using search engine to look up information in articles or journals.

Call Search

Some information can be obtained by phone calls to operators, companies or agencies. The trick is knowing whom to call and what and how to ask.

Local Government Data

The government usually publishes a great extent of data related to social, financial and economical aspects. These data can be obtained by phone, online or via circulations.

Delivery Image

We will arrange collected data into excel format that is suitable with your request.
All information will be classified based on each research topic.

The data will be classified into research topic category and can be customize based on client requested

Additional data related to the research objective will be included as reference

Sometimes, if the data is hard to understand and a summary report is preferred, we will create a Powerpoint presentation with key points to make it easier for you.


2.We will contact you to confirm your request

* if the method is determined, we will provide a quote.
* if the method is left open, we will provide a proposal.


Advantages of Macromill South East Asia Research's Desk Research

Huge panel to Macromill South East Asia and opinions about products and to get early indication about market situation.

Macromill South East Asia has office in Indonesia & Vietnam, so we could maintain our database to make sure that it's up-to-date and accurate.

We can collect Indonesia and comprehensively in a wide range of industries.

Customizable and flexible desk research methods based on client's requests.

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  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Jakarta +62(21)5095-8311
  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Hochiminh +84(8)3848-3731