Telephone Survey

A "Telephone Survey" is an effective methodology to collect data at fast, effective speed , especially with surveys having short questionnaire (~ 20 questions). With our trained interviewers, the process of the telephone survey will come out with high performance, since we combine the method with the availability of respondents panel covering Thailand nationwide. Moreover, with the database of panelists integrated in our system, it is easy to reach target respondents with specifying the appropriate attributes.

Rich Panel

Recruiting targeted respondent from our online panel

Telephone number lists are provided by Yimresearch panels. We have largest panel in Thailand.You can check the our panel book.

Technical Research

Our experienced researcher ready to assist your project

Difficult -conditioned targets can be easily screened via telephone survey because Macromill South East Asia Thailand team has the ability to combine Telephone survey with other techniques like PAPI (Paper and Pen Interview), CAPI (Computer-assisted personal interviewing.

Text Mining

Get most of quantitaive insight into your data

Our researcher can provide cluster analysis based on Free Answer question type (FA) along with raw data, text mining, cross tabulation. We also provide system to organize observation for unaided people with short length of FA.

When Timing Should be Used?

  • Brand awareness
  • Recognition of advertising
  • Audience research of TV program
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey (CS survey)
  • Usage Trend Survey
  • Cognition and evaluation study of TVC
Telephone survey

Case Study

Brand Loyalty on your company product

In order to have a better understanding of current product users' satisfaction, and to improve the performance to be the top brand in Thailand. Telephone survey is our optimal choice to find these results. With client's telephone number lists, this method could be easily to conduct , in addition, we can save time and cost at the same time.

Events Follow telephone satisfaction survey

"Exhibitions" or "the event seminars", among of these events we are being convenience to follow up the target respondents by telephone questionnaire format. Aggregation of visitors questionnaire, data of the business card, we could give you the best effective performance of events in conjunction with such gratitude mail to visitors.

Types of Telephone Surveys

1. PAPI (Paper and Pencil Interview)

Data obtained from the interviewer will be write down on the paper with pencil.


_Rapid data collection
_Effective for the questionnaire that easy to understand


_Take time when putting the answer from the writen questionnaire paper into computer.

2.CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interview)

With computer system management program, the data results from telephone survey will be recorded directly into it. Begin with create the questionnaire throughout the process of recruitment, computer aided telephone survey could be the benefit to manage with a fast collect data process with correction as well as summarize the data into analysis report.


_Quick data collection
_No constraint on demographic conditions: well applied to broad geopgraphic zones - no restriction on respondent's location.
_Technically reliable


_The methodology is not suitable to be applied on long questionnaire, or questionnaire with matrix questions.
_No visualization
_Sensitive information should not be detected through this methodology

Process of Telephone Interview

1. Research Order

Client provides Macromill South East Asia Thailand with subject objective, target respondents condition, as well as project constraints (timeline & budget).

2. Research Proposal / Quotation

Macromill South East Asia Thailand prepares a proposal to meet client's requirement for the study according to the telephone number lists and feasible respondents with our channel.

3. Project Confirmation and Contract Signing

Confirmation with signed agreemnet contract will be provided by client to Macromill South East Asia Thailand. After two-side agreed with the terms of contract, Macromill South East Asia Thailand confirms the project schedule management and start primary preparation.

4. Questionnaire / Screener Creation/ Translation

Macromill South East Asia Thailand prepares Questionnaire/Screen in local language, fieldwork management plan with incentive scheme to the target respondents.

5. Phone Interview Team Meeting and Training

Before starting to conduct the real survey, our project management team will have a meeting and dicussion to clarify the project criteria in order to prevent any misunderstanding and mistake occur during conducting survey. In addition, understand the questionnaire as well as training interviewing skill is needed to make the process go smoothly.

6. Recruitment - Contact List of Target Respondents

The advantages from conducting this type of survey study with Macromill South East Asia Thailand is client can choose thier target respondents telephone number lists from Yimresearch panel catagories, for example, business directories, public contacts on the internet, and others.

7. Fieldwork/ Telephone Interview

Interview team gather at Macromill South East Asia Thailand office building up phone center. Each interviewer is given with a segmented list of respondents to call, keeping up to reach their complete target. Those who refuse answering survey are marked for checking dropping out rate after execution. Respondents list is filled up by recruitment team in case dropping out rate is too high within execution. This is to be controlled by project supervisor or management team at Yimresearch.

8. Data Input

Data Input is carried out at the same time with Telephone interview, or after interview period depends on client's timing requirements. Interviewers directly input data or the work is assigned to another specialized team at Yimresearch.

9. Data Cleaning and Processing

The stage includes Logic check and Data quality control for removing bad samples data (spam). The data which is already cleaned will be analysed into GT (Grand Total), Cross Tab (Cross Tabulation) and others based on Client's requests.

10. Delivery: Report

Analyzed data are displayed in graphs and charts in Summary Report or Topline Report.

number of panellist

18-Jan-2022 896,653


+66 2 6530411
+62 21 50958311
Ho Chi Minh
+84 8 3848 3731
+81 3 54217925




  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Jakarta +62(21)5095-8311
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Hochiminh +84(8)3848-3731
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934




  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Jakarta +62(21)5095-8311
  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Hochiminh +84(8)3848-3731