Omnibus Brand Awareness Study in Thailand

We conduct 164 surveys each year, do you want to participate on our Macromill South East Asia omnibus survey?

PBI brand awareness concept study could cover three countries: Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. We have a scheduled timing for each category within a one year timeframe, with total 164 surveys conduct!ed each year. If you are interested you can also participate with our PBI(Popular Brand Index) survey. It is possible if you want to participate for just one country ; but if you participate on all three countries you can get special discount from us.

You can have your own choice of omnibus survey category, we can personalize our omnibus survey to get insight and understanding on your company unique perspective.
The contents and result of your personalize omnibus survey will be kept private and not revealed on our website. If you are interested , please contact our research division for details.

Basic data

Popular Rank Brand Top of Mind Expansive Last Used Future Intention Popular Brand Index Incidence Rate
1st 1st Brand 44.7 43.9 43.9 47.5 45.0 58%
2nd 2nd Brand 21.7 30.3 24.5 23.8 24.7
3th 3th Brand 7.3 13.4 11.4 10.5 10.3
4th 4th Brand 9.1 10.4 13.6 7.7 10.1
5th 5th Brand 3.1 1.5 4.0 6.8 3.9

You can set up additional question on this basic question.

We can implement a reasonable price for Omnibus survey, since it is our routine voluntary survey for our panel. Because we believe that our Omnibus survey could help for better economic development. Detail of this study please refer to below table research methodology and price breakdown.

For example

Research method Quantitative Research (Online Research)
Timing Data Collecting 2 weeks
Sample size (Total) 1,000ss
Sample size (After screening) 300ss
Research Area Nationwide (Thailand)
Target Respondent Male:Female = 50:50, Over 18 years old
Method Internet Random Sampling (Macromill South East Asia Panel)
Length of Interview 19 questions
IR (Incidence Rate) 30%
Question 14 questions(7 screening, 7 main)
5 additional questions (your original question)
Deliverable Raw data, GT (Grand Total)

From the research design beside, the usual price for this study with our price is around USD 2,244. But you can do this study with just USD 1,000.

Standard Package Omnibus Survey
Project management fee ex USD 293 5 questions x USD 200 ex USD 1,000
System Setup ex USD 152
Sample Size (300 samples) ex USD 1,671
Raw data, GT(Grand Total) ex USD 128
Total ex USD 2,244 Total ex USD 1,000

Exclude VAT 10%

Deliverables Sample

Raw Data (CSV)

We can provide the raw data for SPSS.

GT: Grand Total(Excel)

General Tabulation table consists of data distributed by questions, panels' attributes and graphs.
Basically there are 6 basic panel attributes such as age, gender, career, marrital status, children status and province of living.

Cross Tabulation (Excel)

※Option service

Cross tabulation table normally consists of incorporated statistical data.
Data in cross tabulation table is typically incorporated panel attributes like gender, age , gender×age, province, family income. Body and Head of the tabulation adjusted according to client needs.

Graph Report (PowerPoint)

※Option service

Graph Report in PowerPoint type consists of graphs, free answer tables and Popular Brand Index analysis report.
PowerPoint documents are delivered via email as clients' request.

Report (PowerPoint)

※Option service

- Introduction
- Research Design
- Respondents profile
- Key findings
- Detail Findings
Graph of screening Questions
Graph of main Questions


Basic Price

Indonesia Vietnam Thailand
Additional question ~5 questions / 1 company ~5 Questions / 1 company ~5 Questions / 1 company
Limited ~3 companies / 1survey ~3 companies / 1survey ~3 companies / 1survey
Sample size (Total) 1,000~1,200ss 1,000~1,200ss 1,000~1,200ss
Sample size (After screening) 300ss~ 300ss~ 300ss~
IR 30~80% 30~80% 30~80%
Raw data & GT USD 200/ 1 question USD 200/ 1 question USD 300/ 1 question

Option Price

Cross tab USD 5 / table USD 5 / table USD 6.5 / table
Report: Basic USD 500 Basic USD 500 Basic USD 600
Translate fee: USD 0.4/ 1 answer USD 0.4/ 1 answer USD 0.4/ 1 answer
Local → Eng USD 0.75 / 1 answer Local → Eng USD 0.75 / 1 answer Local → Eng USD 0.975 / 1 answer

'+1 country price is -5% of total
''+2 country price is -10% of total

Omnibus Survey Schedule of Popular Brand Index

Omnibus Survey schedule will refer to following table .
If you are interested in our omnibus survey,then you can send us the additional question regarding to your research needs.


Additional question ~5 questions / 1 company
Limited ~3 companies / 1survey
Sample size (Total) 1,000~1,200ss
Sample size (After screening) 300ss~
Quota Male:Female=50:50
IR 30~80%

Please contact us 2 weeks before launch.

number of panellist

18-May-2022 928,702


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  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Jakarta +62(21)5095-8311
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  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Jakarta +62(21)5095-8311
  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Hochiminh +84(8)3848-3731