Focus Group Discussion

Focus group interview is a type of qualitative research that helps clients understand consumers thoroughly. By moderating respondents, hidden opinions that could not be acquired through quantitative research can be understood.

  • Rich Panel

    Respondents are recruited from our panel of over 60,000 members from throughout the country.

  • Experienced personnel

    Experienced qualitative researchers will support the project from the planning to reporting stage.

  • Combination of Quantitative and Qualitative Research

    To grab various insights, some quantitative techniques can be applied in FGD.

High quality of FGD service

Rich Panel

Recruiting target respondents Yimresearch has a panel of over 60,000 members with 11 basic attributes (gender, age, residential area, occupation, personal and household monthly income, etc.) and over 100 other attributes.
Our researcher will help select the right respondents from our sub-panels and other surveys.


Supported by experienced researchers from the planning stage We provide skilled and comprehensive researchers for clients from the planning to the reporting stage. Our moderators are experienced on conducting FGD projects in different fields. Besides the locals and Japanese professionals are capable on working on international projects.

Combination of Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Flexible skills in FGD Depending on the purpose of each FGD, our moderators can recommend techniques in both qualitative and quantitative methods. Through a mix of both techniques, insights could be collected from FGD.

Rate of group interviews

Contact us for detailed pricing

Sample price table for 4 groups (6 respondents/ group)

Group 1 2 3 4
Total (USD) 2340 4290 6240 7800


  • - Maximum of 6 respondents per group.
  • - Length of Interview: 2 hours per group.
  • - Yimresearch service package includes room, facility preparation for interview, qualified moderators as requested, recruitment fee, incentives, guideline, project management fee, transcription and report.
  • - Fees for guideline and report are subject to change depending on clients' request. Kindly contact us for more information.
  • - Yimresearch's full-time experienced staff will directly manage projects from survey creation to reporting.
  • - For recruitment, Yimresearch has trained a team of freelancer to maintain the quality of respondents.

Photo Gallery of FGD rooms

1. Interview room

From our partner - PP Group Research Company

2. Observe / Client room

From our partner - PP Group Research Company

Tips for focus group interview

Interview time: Approximate 2 hours The right amount of time is important when carrying out a discussion. We believe 2 hours is the maximum interval for participants to actively and enthusiatically engage in a conversation. Discussions exceeding 2 hours could lead to boredom which will affect the quality of the results.

Number of group participants: 6 is bestWe recommend that the maximum number is 6 respondents to ensure effectiveness. However, the size of FGD could be added up to 7-8 participants according to our clients' request.
However, please take note that the more the people in FGD group, obstacles such as taking too much time could change the disucussion environment.

Tips for FGD execution in Thailand

  1. 1. Reconfirm FGD purpose before executionExecutors carefully ensure that objectives of the discussion are clearly defined by clients.
  2. 2. Keep balance in the groupArranging similar groups of people in one group is important to keep balance and effective in sharing ideas.
    We avoid recruiting people who are too talkative, too silent or not willing to share their ideas with the group. Besides, we categorize other attributes such as level of education and sometimes social economic class as they might affect outputs.
    Moreover, the moderator contributes to the success of FGD. Then he/she should dress and behave suitably get along with other respondents.
  3. 3. Always have back-up plan for recruitment processDue to the norms of Thai citizens, there is a high rate of cancellation before the scheduled date although market research companies increase incentives. Hence, market research companies recruit more than the respondents required.
  4. 4. Ask respondents to come earlyLateness is a common problem in Thailand, this could be due to habit or serious traffic jam. To avoid this problem, we usually ask respondents to arrive 45 - 60 minutes before FGD starts.
  5. 5. Informing respondents abour specific rules When inviting married respondents especially females, we ask them not to bring their children to FGD as their children, although in a separated room can distract them and as a result, we cannot keep them fully engaged in the discussion .
  6. 6. Collecting information, facts and actualy use of respondents in pre-questionnairePre-collecting experience profile of respondents could be used to develop ideas which is considered to be an effective use for limited time. This way, the moderator could dig deeper on the respondents' points.
  7. 7. Retrieve knowledge on the discussion topic prior to the interviewThis helps the moderator understand the topic comprehensively in order to deal with unpredictable opinions.
  8. 8. Do not follow the order of discussion guideline strictly Following guidelines strictly could affect the moderator's flexibility in carrying out the discussion. The moderator can rearrange the discussion order depending on the mood in the FGD, but has to ensure that all the required inforamtion are collected.
  9. 9. Focus on listening while deploying the discussion Listening to answers from respondents could help understand the respondents' story better. The moderator should express his/her emotions when listening to respondents but should refrain from giving his/her opinion.
  10. 10. Listen to the reasons of respondents on using "Why" questionsGet respondents' awareness rather than to check their reaction and response, or try to figure out reasons for their reactions / answers.
  11. 11. FGD is different from other quantitative methods as ideas are collected by each of individuals rather than majorityDeeper insights of each individual are more appreciated in FG.
  12. 12. Control participants when they are over excited or moving away from the original topic. In those cases, the moderator should ingeniously get participant back on track
  13. 13. Small, detailed opinions should not be overlookedModerator should listen and precisely note down every detail, even the slightest change.
  14. 14. Characteristics of Thai respondentsThai respondents are highly influenced by their peers, especially the smarter ones. Moreover, they prefer to open up to someone whose similar to their level. Hence, the moderator has to be cautious on their gestures as well as how they ask questions. Also, most of them tend to answer questions although they do not have sufficient knowledge on the topic. To avoid this, the moderator must make sure they understand the topic.

Tips for Client

  1. 1. Simultaneous InterpreterUpon request, a simultaneous interpreter is available to report to what has happened during the FGD session. The report's language depends on the clients' preference.
    The simultaneous interpreter will sit in an observation or client room with headphones on during the interview. In special cases, he/she will be in the interview room if clients would like to directly talk to the respondents.
  2. 2. Extra questionsWhen FGD starts, it is best not to interrupt as it could change the environment of the group. However, if there are other interesting questions during the FGD session, clients could do the following,
    - Write it down on a small piece of paper and ask the research assistant bring it into the interview room.
    - Wait until break and ask the moderator to the observation room.
    - Talk to the moderator via Skype as he/she is allowed to bring a laptop in.
  3. 3. Come earlyClients should arrive 30 minuted before FGD starts to prevent respondents from recognizing the client. As it would affect their eagerness to share responses during FGD.
    However, if clients cannot come early, he/she can come after FGD starts.
  4. 4. Try not to make loud noisesThe FGD room is a one-way mirror room, therefore, respondents cannot see and hear from the observation room (if clients speak in a low or normal tone). Therefore, it is recommended that clients keep their tone at moderate during the interview.

The FGD's recruitment process

1 Invitations are being sent to respondents chosen from Yimresearch panel and at times, non-members.
2 List out potential respondents willing to join FGDs.
3 Call respondents to confirm recruitment criteria and pick out qualified respondents.
4 Separate potential respondents to two target groups : MAIN and EXTRA
The difference between the two groups is that the main respondents have higher intention in partcipating in FGD, while extra respondents have lower intention and is still unsure of their participation.
**Cancellation rates in Asia are quite high due to cultural and external factors, therefore, the number of recruited respondents is double the actual number.
5 One week before the FGD session, we contact our respondents to confirm their participation.
6 In some cases, we visit our respondents to make sure information given is authentic. Pictures might be taken if necessary.
7 Two days before the FDG session, we contact our respondent's to confirm their participation and inform other information such as venue.

Group Interview Case

Our Past Experience

  • Mobile phone - For marketing strategy development

    Understanding the consumer insight. To obtain the knowledge of what is driving consumer to buy the products and then develop marketing strategy that is right for the consumers. The result would help the company to save a lot of money that could wasted on wrong marketing campaigns.

  • Watch - For advertising strategy development

    Explore the consumer's mind set toward. To see what media or means that brand's customer rely on the most. Furthermore, exploring the new opportunities through different channels. And learn more about needs that consumers never had a chance to tell the company.

  • Eye dropper - For contact lens user - to develop market-entry strategy

    Explore current users of competitor brands. Finding pros and cons of their current brands and how the company can fill the needs of customers that is still unsatisfied. The result will help company to find a right product and right strategy to enter Thailand market.

When FGD is applied

Focus group discussion is usually for:

Concept test will go through:

Tagline -> Insights -> Benefits -> Reason why

Name and logo test will go through:

Name's preference -> Suitability of name with core business -> Features of name
Logo's preference -> Suitability of logo with name -> Features of logo

Advertising test will go through:

Recognition -> Overall appealing -> Key message -> Uniqueness -> Relevancy -> Credibility -> Persuasiveness -> Trial intention

Explore study will go through:

Usage and attitude -> Brand assessment -> Market segmentation

Process of conducting a FGD

Research brief

Client sends research brief to research agency


Based on the research brief, research agency prepares a proposal which identifies target respondents and method to conduct group.


Prepare screening questionnaire and start recruiting. Recruiting period depends on difficulty of target respondents and total sample size.

Discussion guideline

Prepare storyline (order of questions) and confirmed by clients.


Call back qualified participants 2 days before conducting groups.

Set up facilities

Prepare one-way mirror rooms, video recorder, interpreter (if any), refreshments as requested.

Conduct group

Clients can give out additional questions to the moderator which discussions are being carried out.


After one group is done, the moderator/researcher will debrief insights collected from the group and discuss with clients about the next group.


Collect and analyze information to create a report.


Respondent profile - PPT slide

Respondent profile is usually provided 1 - 2 days before FGD day. Basically, it provides respondent's name, picture, age, occupation and some specific information.

Transcription - Excel or Word file

Transcription can be delivered in English, Japanese, Thai.

1. Template 1 - Word file

2. Template 2 - Excel file

Recoding files

Macromill South East Asia Thailand can convert video files into many formats depending on our clients' request.
In case our clients do not want to receive files via DVD, we can upload those files in our server, and clients can download them from the Worldwide Web. However, those files will be removed after 10 - 14 days to ensure confidentiality.

Report - PPT slide

Unlike quantitative research, qualitative report are usually defined in words. Please refer to the picture below for our sample report.

number of panellist

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  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Jakarta +62(21)5095-8311
  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Hochiminh +84(8)3848-3731