OA (Open-ended answer)

To expect the real voice from Thailand consumer, you will get a result to help you such as product strategy, follow-up customer strategy, and advertising strategy.

OA (Open-ended answer) Service, FA(Free answer) service

According to Free answer results from the questionnaire, we have many options for your to choose as your reference below;

1. To confirm about the number and length of OA Question from Questionnaire

First, before making the quotation which including OA service, we would ask you to give us your questionnaire. So that we can help you decide which type of OA service is the best for you.
Note: No questionnaire given to us, we will not include OA service in your quotation.

2. How to determine which service is appropriate for each type of OA

OA summary How to summary the OA question and attributes question
OA coding How to count the qualitative information by making a code table
OA Category summary How to classify OA in prior to the prepared categories
OA Select review How to merge the free answers into attributes and categories
Text Mining Analysis How to text mining

3. After get the result, and complete data processing. Next Step is;

We will send you the Report Template for you to finalize, in order to match with your expectation.

4. Complete Delivery or Report

We will summarize the report which is including OA analysis as the delivery.

The aggregation method

1. OA (Open-ended answer) Summary - (Please refer the document in excel file)

How to summary the OA question and attribute questions

2. OA (Open-ended answer) Coding - (Describe the results of OA to GT (Grand Total) and report

How to quantify the qualitative information by creating a code table

3. OA (Open-ended answer) Category summary - (Please refer the document in excel file)

How to categorize OA in advance to the prepared category.

4. OA (Open-ended answer) Select review - (Describe the outcomes of OA to a report)

Our service is provided as merging the free answer into attributes and category.
For example; male 30-39 years old and selected from the people who wrote the opinion for the "Category A" are listed in the delivery
※ In addition, if you want to extract the most appearance (most often), it is done in (1) OA coding (2) aggregate (3) excerpt (4) Translation of the order.

5. Text Mining Analysis

You can read more information about text mining.
We will translate all OA into English . After that we will start a text mining analysis
We can carry out anlysis frequency List of Words, a variety of analysis, such as Hierarchical Cluster Analysis.

In case of Long text (Long OA)

In case of short text (Short FA)

  • Q. When refer to the word "brand name", what brand name could you figure out?
  • A. prada, Dior
  • Q. When refer to the word "country", what country could you think of?
  • A. Japan, Jamaica

In case of Long text (Long OA)

  • Q. Please tell us what do you think about this product?

If you need the coding of qualitative opinion, after confirming the OA result separately; it is depended on the aggregate purposes, then we will quote the cost for you.

We will not suggest client to coding OA as the folllowing cases below;

If we judged that it is complicated to quantify the OA

If one sentence is so long and have various meanings
In that case, and as we mentioned, we will not provide you OA coding, but OA summary instead.
EX) We write down in OA summary the answer in each attribute such as Age, Gender, SEC(Social Economic Class), Location.


OA Summary

US$ 50.00 (1 question per 50 samples)

OA Coding

Sentence from 120 letters is counted as 1 question

Sample Size FA Coding / Coded_Data (LOCAL)
1 - 999ss 0.60 LOCAL(Total amount)
+ 15$
LOCAL(Total amount)
LOCAL + 37.5$
1,000 - 1,999ss 0.53
2,000 - 2,999ss 0.45
Translate Translate FA / Coded_Data (EN / JP)
1 Sample 1.00 1.50

OA Category summary

US$ 100.00 (1 question per 50 samples)


Number of category 1 - 29 30 - 59 Over 60
Price (JPN + LOCAL) 260 520 780
Price (LOCAL) 195 390 585


LOCAL 3.0 5.0
ENG / JPN 5.0 7.0

OA Select review

US$ 100.00 (1 question per 50 samples)
If quantification is required, OA Coding and translation fee is required additional.

number of panellist

18-May-2022 928,702


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  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
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  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Jakarta +62(21)5095-8311
  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Hochiminh +84(8)3848-3731