Study On Online Purchase Behavior

Over 80% of respondents used online commerce service.

Most of respondents have started using online commerce service since Year 2018 or before (62.4%), followed by Year 2019 (18.0%), and Year 2020 April (6.2%).

Additionally, more than 60.0% of respondents were facing the issue of COVID-19 situation for using online commerce.

I can shopping 24 hours or anytime I want became the first reason that respondents decided to use online shopping (65.8%), followed by, there are many kind of products (60.0%), and there are many cheap products (57.3%) consecutively.

Shopee (47.6%), Lazada (42.3%), and others (35.0%) were the most typical channels for purchasing home appliances, respectively.

Most respondents spent money on Shopee (32.6%), Lazada (23.6%), and Facebook/Instagram (15.3%) for buying cosmetics.

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