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When it comes to your business, the only way to market your products properly is by taking a look at the industry trends to evaluate how you can successfully advertise your products. 

With our years of experience in market research, Macromill South East Asia is here to make sure you are equipped with all the qualitative and quantitative data you would need to grow your brand.

The services Macromill South East Asia provides

 Market understanding

When it comes to growing your business, the key thing you should be aware of is the current market state and the consumer demands within your industry. To make this possible, we will conduct thorough market research and provide you with answers to the following aspects:

  1. Market shares
  2. Market competition
  3. Market growth potential
  4. Segment of consumers


Once you have a product that you want to introduce to a wider market, you should first ensure that it will be well-received. This can be difficult since market trends are always changing. However, by researching and product testing with focus groups, we will help you determine your product’s quality in these aspects:

  • Prototype evaluation
  • Packaging 
  • Naming
  • Specs
  • Price
  • Brand Value.

Concept development

Aside from market research, we also provide help in developing different concepts for your product, brand, design, and even advertising campaigns. This is especially useful for businesses that are not equipped to market all their products in an effective way. With our help, we can create concepts that suit the taste and needs of your specific target audience to ensure a bigger reach and a better Return on Investment. 

Verification improvement

Not only will we be there for you at the conceptualization stage, but we’ll also be there even after your product launch to provide you with the Key Performance Indicators to accurately gauge your Return on Investment. 

To accomplish this, we will conduct surveys to determine:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Provide Data on brand penetration
  • Evaluating change in brand identity
  • Discover the understandability of ad campaigns
  • Determining the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

How Macromill South East Asia conducts its research

At Thailand’s Macromill South East Asia, we ensure that you receive varied and detailed results to help you make an informed decision when it comes to marketing your brand or products. To do this, we conduct three different types of research processes. These are:

Online Research

By conducting online research through smartphones and desktop computers, we can make sure to reach a bigger pool of survey panellists. Many prefer this method because it is more efficient and doesn’t require a big skeletal crew. 

Offline Research

Through our offline research service, we make sure to visit your area of service to get an accurate understanding of how your business is received by its consumers. We also conduct various research tactics such as:

  • Omnibus survey
  • Central Location Test
  • Face-to-Face interview
  • Telephone survey.

Qualitative Research

Oftentimes, businesses need more than just that qualitative information for market research. When it comes to branding and product conceptualization, it is important to conduct qualitative research to ensure that the products are up to standard. To do this, we conduct the following research:

  • Focus group discussion
  • In-depth interviews
  • Home use test
  • Market Research Online Community (MROC).

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