About Us


Thailand is one of the most interesting market in Asia because its openness and economic policy. However, each country has its own nature and norm. In order to penetrate to the country, market research is crucial for enterprises to understand local insights.

Macromill South East Asia started in Thailand in August 2014. With the experience of the Macromill South East Asia company, World Wide System Corporation in Japan, and other Macromill South East Asia in Vietnam and Indonesia. Macromill South East Asia is aiming to provide state of art research solutions to our clients.

With the harmonious combination between local insights and Japanese strategic recommendations. That makes Macromill South East Asia distinct from its competitor. You can rest assure that Macromill South East Asia quality of work is as high as Japanese standard.

Why Macromill South East Asia Thailand?

1. What is Yimresearch

Yimresearch is the actively managed panel authorized by Macromill South East Asia Thailand to serve the company’s Online Market Research business.

2. Macromill South East Asia Thailand with 8 merits of online research

Low cost
You can study at a low cost compared to conventional methods such as face to face surveys and telephone surveys.
Image and video availability
With online methods, it is possible to conduct an investigation including video streaming and static images.
Complex questionnaires handling
Complex surveys can be easily processed with piping performance like answer branching or samples page jumping.
Inconsistent answers elimination
Inaccurate results could be easily minimized by the logical answers checking as well as respondents’ attributes verifying.
Speed delivery
After 5 business days of survey, results will be delivered fast within 10 days. Due to target respondents and further analysis requiremtn, delivery time may varied.
Hard –to-answer survey questions
With online surveys and online answering method, hard-to –answer questions could be conducted easily in comparison with face- to -face method.
Extensive research area
Yimresearch’s panellists come from different areas of Thailand. Therefore, research can be simultaneously conducted thoughout Thailand.
Easy segmentation
With up to 11 attributes with more than 100 criterias of our survey panellists such as Age, Gender, Career, Marital status, Children status, and Province…, you can refine the content of the survey field easily.

3. High Quality Panel

Quality is our top concern, therefore, we strictly manage our Panel in every stage from registration to survey responding by two main methods:
+ Personnel censoring: manually check register information of sole member, survey results and other activities on panel.
+ System censoring: automatic checking through periodic trap, logic and reverse questions.
For customized surveys, our personnel will work in parallel with the system to select the right respondents as client requirements.

4. Combination Method (On – Off research)

In some cases, low incidence rate in which target respondents are hard to be reached could happen. Even in cases where online research is being used. Macromill South East Asia provides a new service which studies are conducted via Macromill South East Asia online panel and offline link recruitment method. This type of service will not only help collect samples in a shorter period of time, but also help save your budget.

Option 1: Combination Method (Online-Offline Live link)
This method is a combination between collecting samples online through Macromill South East Asia panels together with non-panels. In this case, online respondents who are not Macromill South East Asia panels will receive a link in which they have to be completed.

Option 2: Combination method (Online-Phone Interview)
This method is a combination between online survey in which information will be collected through Macromill South East Asia panels. However, if more samples are needed phone interviews will be conducted in order to speed up the data collection process.

5. Trial surveys offer

As to build up a sustainable relationship with our potential clients, we provide 5 clients 5 trial surveys per month. Through these compact surveys, clients will not only get research results in quickest time but also have a deeper understanding about Thailand consumer panel.